ZTE Zandra Solution

ZTE Zandra is an end to end Smart Home solution. It consists of a cloud platform, smart gateway, smart phone application, and smart devices.

Zandra Smart Home Architecture

  • Large suite of services to deliver a better user experience.
  • The cloud platform can interoperate with other third party platforms to provide moreservices to subscribers.
  • Wide range of devices to meet different user needs.

Openness: Open SDK for Cloud, Device and App Integration

2 Highly open cloud platform, with the following characteristics:
a) Exposure of technical capabilities to operators or third parties through


  1. b)  Provision of SDK/APIs to facilitate integration with 3rd party applications.
  2. c)  Support of SDKs/APIs to connect terminals of different vendors.

Unified User Interface Enriches the Quality of Experience

  • Unified user access achieves integration and interoperability with third party services.

  • A unified User Interface ensures the consistency of the user experience.

Robust Security Mechanisms Protect User Privacy

  • Network security protects the information transmission process.

  • Data security ensures the privacy of the subscriber information.

  • Access security prevents intrusions and illegal device access.

Smart Gateway Enhances Connectivity

  • Number 1 smart gateway supplier for China Telecom in Q2 2016, shipping more than 700,000 units in total, and holding a 40% share.

  • Multiple smart gateway options suit different needs.

  • Smart gateways support multiple IoT technologies to connect with a wide range of terminals.

Award-Winning IP Camera Provides Ultimate User Experience

  • The IP camera features 1080p HD video quality, perfect night vision, wide viewing angles, two-way audio and flexible storage modes.

  • Winner of the “Best Connected Home Service or Solution” award at BBWF 2015.

  • Shortlisted in “Best Connected Consumer Electronic Device” at MWC 2016.
  • Active users of the IP Camera have exceeded 100,000.