ZTE TDD Massive MIMO Solution

Pre5G TDD Massive MIMO Base Station

ZTE’s Pre5G Massive MIMO base station is an industry-leading product which uses 5G-ready technology to provide commercial R8/R9 terminals with a 5G-like access experience. This product can increase spectrum efficiency by six fold, greatly increase network capacity with existing sites and spectrum, and therefore lead to significant savings on CAPEX and an improvement on return of investment. ZTE’s Pre5G Massive MIMO won the Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award and Outstanding overall Mobile Technology-The CTO′s Choice 2016 at the Global Mobile Awards 2016, as well as won the Best Wireless Broadband Innovation award at Broadband World Forum 2016 in London. It is a disruptive innovation and has high commercial value, which has been recognized by global operators and has been successfully deployed in various high-end markets such as Europe and Japan, etc.

Product Highlights

  • Offering extreme user experience due to four to six times improvement in spectrum efficiency
  • Compatible with R8/R9 terminals
  • Suitable for different deployment scenarios such as high buildings, ultra dense areas and the last mile access
  • Seamless coverage3D beam-forming can bring accurate UE tracing and great enhancement in both cell-edge and uplink coverage

Commercial Progress

Due to its excellent performance, Pre5G Massive MIMO has been deployed in more than 10 markets including China, Japan, Austria, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Spain, etc.

The commercial trials of Pre5G Massive MIMO have been carried out in 50 cities of 29 provinces in China, confirming that Pre5G Massive MIMO can improve traffic in covered areas and increase the average number of users online in a commercial environment.

Softbank has started to develop commercial 5G Project services based on Massive MIMO base stations in 43 cities nationwide. Softbank claimed to be the world’s first operator commercially launched the Massive MIMO technology with ZTE as the major provider.

In Spain, Telefónica and ZTE have jointly announced that they had successfully completed a Pre5G MIMO test. The CTO of Telefónica Group noted: “Massive MIMO will be a fundamental technological enabler for future 5G networks.”

Hutchison Drei Austria and ZTE also have jointly announced that they have successfully completed a Pre5G Massive MIMO implementation in Austria. The CEO of Hutchison Drei Austria said: “Our common Massive MIMO implementation with ZTE is the way, which allows us to get a multiple of our frequency spectrum.”

Pre5G Massive MIMO has become the perfect tool for operators to enhance their global brand images, show technical strength, and promote the potential market.

New-generation product highlights

On September 20, 2016, ZTE’s new Pre5G Massive MIMO 2.0 product was released at the PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2016. Pre5G Massive MIMO 2.0 supports multiple frequency bands and adapts to the mainstream TDD frequency band. With a smaller size, it supports the BBU+AAU architecture and is more suitable for 5G evolution. It also supports multicarrier CA and meets the large capacity requirements of operators. Through 16-flow transmission, the theoretical peak traffic rate of a single site reaches 2.9Gbps, and this has opened a new Gbps+ era. Pre5G Massive MIMO 2.0 is expected to be put into large-scale commercial deployment worldwide in 2017.