ZTE Smart Parking System:First Commercial-Trial System Based on NB-IoT

ZTE combines magnetic sensors with state-of-the-art IoT technology to create a smart parking system (WeParking) with the flexibility to address a wide range of parking management applications. A sensor buried underground detects the surrounding magnetic field to ascertain the accurate parking spot occupancy situation in real-time. The ZTE Smart Parking System is mainly used in roadside parking and ground level parking at industrial parks. By using LoRa or NB-IoT technology, the system has the advantages of low power consumption, wide coverage, multiple connections, and low cost. With the parking guidance and flexible billing methods, the system provides an innovative parking management process, reducing CAPEX and OPEX, while solving the complexity involved in managing charges of roadside parking and looking for free spaces in industrial parks.

The ZTE Smart Parking System promotes the commercial use of LoRa or NB-IoT technologies and builds the foundation for the subsequent interconnection of things. Additionally, the system delivers positive economic and social value.

System architecture of ZTE Smart Parking (WeParking)

  • Technology-leading industry, system mature and stable

  • Magnetic sensors support NB-IoT/LoRa and other multi-standard, self-research chip

  • Magnetic sensors detection accuracy of up to 99%,battery life 5-8 years

  • Covering distances up to 15 km, coverage area is 100 times the traditional parking solution

  • System access capacity increased by 50 times

  • System has been deployed and operated in Wuzhen World Internet Conference, China Shenzhen and Nanjing, system is mature and stable

  • Easy to use Simple maintenance Operation and management effciency

  • Easy to use. Support a variety of payment methods, including automatic payment, APP payment and on-site payment

  • Easy to install. Deployed 100 parking spaces, only 16 man hour

  • Easy to maintain. Support remote maintenance, magnetic sensors battery can be replaced, the average replacement of 100 batteries only 4 man hour

  • Easy to manage. Visual operation management platform, parking spaces occupancy rate, parking spaces turnover rate, revenue details and PDA management at a glance

Operations management platform of the ZTE Smart Parking System

ZTE WeParking

  • Deployment of significant results, to achieve a tripartite win-win of operation enterprise, car owner and traffic management department

  • Operation enterprise win: operating income increased 30%

  • Car owner win: find parking spaces reduced by 43%

  • Traffic management department win: parking congestion reduction of 12%