ZTE Network Capability Exposure Solution

As mobile networks evolve towards 5G, the communication nature evolves to not only be between humans, but now between everything: IoT, Internet of Vehicles and Industrial Internet. Operators will be challenged to provide innovative services for these new channels of communication. They need a new open platform, based on network cloudification and micro services to develop, verify, integrate and release functions just in time with a maximized agility. Using this new open platform, an operator and/or 3rd party developer can assemble micro service components and network slicing technology to produce innovative services for any kind of customized users’.

Network capability exposure solution unleashes innovation power

The ZTE Network Capability Exposure solution architecture has the following features:

  • Cloud Native” architecture, carrier grade enhancement on performance, reliability and security
  • Powerful ICT integration capability, ready-to-use micro service component library that includes not only ZTE service components, but also open source components and 3rd party components that will enable operators and users to build customized ICT APPs
  • Friendly integration environment by API Gateway and multiple developing/verification tools. The user, operator and cooperation companies can use various micro service components to build and verify different APPs that so the operators’ network resource will be effectively used to match with the users’ demands
  • By combining with network slicing technology and visual design tools, users can created a dedicated on-demand network. By using light-weight virtualization Docker technology, on-demand network can be setup in minutes and scale-out/in in seconds

Highlights of ZTE Network Capability Exposure solution

  • DevOps powered Open 3rd Party API

  • Fine Grain level micro-service Aggregation

  • API Gateway for secure function call and charging

  • 9 ready-to-use telecom capability portfolios