ZTE @ Mobile World Congress 2017: Day One Highlights

MWC 2017 is officially underway. With an estimated attendance of more than 101,000 professionals from across the mobile industry, this year’s MWC is the biggest yet.

With all the exciting announcements in store, ZTE started early with a press conference at Barcelona’s Hotel Omm on Sunday. Guests enjoyed cocktails and rooftop views before listening to some of ZTE’s top experts give a quick preview of some of our big announcements.

On Monday, MWC kicked off with some exciting news that takes 5G one step closer to reality.

ZTE demonstrated the 50 Gbps peak rate of our latest 5G mmWave pre-commercial base stations, highlighting their ultra-high capacity, responsiveness, and reliability. The release of these base stations will enable operators to seize the opportunities of the 5G era ahead of time.

ZTE is working with some of the biggest names in technology to accelerate the evolution to 5G. And we are pleased to announce that, in cooperation with Intel, we have launched a next-generation 5G IT baseband unit (BBU). As the world’s first software-defined networking/network function virtualisation (SDN/NFV) technology-based 5G RAN solution, the IT BBU reduces energy consumption and supports 4G and 5G hybrid networks.

LTE speeds will continually improve over the next few years as we move closer to 5G. At ZTE, we are pioneering this transition using Massive MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) technology. With the power to expand the network capacity and improve the spectral efficiency of cellular base stations, massive MIMO is key to achieving gigabit LTE speeds. Having released the world’s first FDD LTE-based massive MIMO solution back in December 2016, we’re proud to announce that our FDD massive MIMO solution has reached an impressive 2.6 Gbps single-site data rate at this year’s MWC.

This year, we are hearing more and more about fog computing. Fog brings computing, storage, control and networking functions closer to the edge of the network where massive amounts of data are generated, helping carriers to deliver a better, faster service. ZTE is proud to have become the first major Chinese telecoms infrastructure company to join the board of the OpenFog Consortium, which aims to help solve interoperability challenges in communication, wireless, and 5G technologies. It’s a great time to join because serious momentum is gathering around fog standards and products.

The rapidly-evolving Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hot topics at this year’s MWC. And today, ZTE announced one of the most exciting pieces of IoT news from the show so far. ZTE has joined forces with Intel to establish an innovation lab for the research and development of future-proof IoT technologies. Taking the IoT ecosystem to the next level, the Lab will help strengthen the development of the IoT industry by promoting cross-industry collaboration, eliminating silos, and delivering the next big IoT breakthroughs.

We have also launched our new Gigabit phone with record-breaking 1Gbps download speeds. Bringing us a step closer to 5G phones, the ZTE Gigabit phone will enhance the mobile experience with 360-degree panoramic VR video, fast cache of ultra Hi-Fi music and movies, and unlimited cloud storage. As the first smartphone to support 1Gbps speeds, the Gigabit phone is a major milestone on the path to 5G.

One new development that can’t come soon enough is mobile VR technology. Demonstrating that ZTE knows what people want, we showcased the newly-updated Axon 7 – the first smartphone to be compatible with Google Daydream VR. With a sleek design and powerful specifications, the Axon 7 has been updated to Android Nougat, allowing users to run apps side by side; type with new emojis; and close all their apps with just one tap.

Proving that bigger is not always better, we also demonstrated the ZTE Blade V8 Mini – a small smartphone that packs a big punch. Designed to give consumers a great listening experience, the V8 Mini is certified by Dolby and offers users cinema-style audio quality, making it perfect for watching movies or catching up on your latest series.

Another of the day’s highlights was the ZTE-sponsored Global IoT Summit where we enjoyed interesting talks from a wide range of industry experts, including CxOs from leading telecom operators and leading IoT players who discussed the latest innovations and IoT success stories. This year’s Summit focused on the growing sectors of connected vehicles, smart homes, industrial IoT and smart cities.

As the first day of MWC draws to a close, and the sun sets on the Fira, we have enjoyed sharing our latest technology with thousands of visitors from around the world. And with many more exciting announcements to share, read tomorrow’s blog for more insights from ZTE at MWC.