ZTE Massive MIMO 2.0

Massive MIMO 1.0 – a huge success

In 2014, ZTE debuted TDD Massive MIMO earlier than anyone else in the industry, this was followed by widespread successful deployments by many leading operators around the world, and also by many international awards, among which were Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough and Outstanding and Overall Mobile Technology – the CTO’s Choice by GSMA at MWC2016 that represents the industry’s recognition for the great values of Massive MIMO.

Massive MIMO 2.0 – pushing the limits even further

The success of Massive MIMO 1.0 was just the beginning. ZTE announced Pre5G Massive MIMO 2.0 in 2016, which is the latest technical achievement and breakthrough, including the first FDD-LTE-based Massive MIMO solution in the world, and TDD Massive MIMO 2.0.

FDD Massive MIMO – world’s first Massive MIMO based on FDD-LTE

FDD Massive MIMO is a technology breakthrough, based on ZTE’s expertise and experiences making Massive MIMO available to FDD-LTE networks around the world which account for 85% of all LTE networks. It represents a huge boost to the value of Massive MIMO, including improving system capacity without requiring new sites, exploiting the existing spectrum resources and the existing terminals, in order to reach much higher user throughput and system capacity than today’s 4G network.

FDD Massive MIMO highlights

  • Technology breakthrough: innovative beamforming algorithm for higher capacity and better coverage
  • Highly-efficient solution: massive antenna array with ultra-high integration to achieve drastically improved cell throughput with low cost and huge return
  • Abundant applications: 3D MIMO, full-dimension coverage, etc.
  • Smooth evolution: R8/R9 compatible. 5G-like experiences now
  • Easy deployment: all-in-one design for easier and faster deployment

TDD Massive MIMO – a big step forward

The year 2016 was a huge success for TDD Massive MIMO. Massive MIMO has been deployed with many operators around the world, and received many international awards, and also has a 2.0 version announced to embrace the new G-era. The trial and deployment of Pre5G Massive MIMO is under way in China and Japan markets, and we are expecting to see some large-scale deployments in the global market in 2017.

TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 highlights

  • More bands: more frequency bands are supported for the mainstream TDD bands
  • Improved architecture: smaller footprint with BBU+AAU design ; for easier 5G evolution
  • Multi-carrier CA supported: for requirements on even higher capacity
  • Higher throughput: multi-stream transmission to reach Gbps+ single-cell peak throughput
  • Full-round improvement: capacity, efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness