ZTE Innovative RCS Solution

ZTE provides an end-to-end RCS (Rich Communication Suites) solution, which includes an RCS Native client, RCS App client, RCS SDK, RCS App Servers, IMS core network, and an RCS API gateway. It adopts an NFV-based cloud architecture, and can be integrated with ZTE’s Golden Data big data platform.

With a comprehensive RCS solution and rich deployment experience, ZTE has been positioning the three roles of RCS: An upgrade to basic telecommunications features, Entrance to NaaS (Number as a Service), and an open platform to expose telecom capabilities and create third-party applications.

RCS Positioning:

Upgrade to Basic Communication Features

  • Rich Message: Upgrades traditional SMS/MMS, supports instant message (text messages, voice messages, image messages, video messages and other formats), group messages, file transfers, etc.
  • Enriched Calling: provides VoIP/VoWiFi call, multi-party voice/video call, pre-call, in-call, and post-call.
  • Enhanced Contacts: contains user presence and capability discovery.

Number-based Entrance to Mobile Internet

RCS helps operators re-control the mobile internet entrance with their unique phone number resources. RCS subscribers enjoy a new way to access daily services, such as travel, food and entertainment, without downloading APPs and registration.

Platform for Open Capabilities

RCS opens basic telecoms capabilities to industrial users via APIs and SDKs. Developers can integrate the RCS open capabilities within their own applications to offer premium user experience, such as enriched messaging, online services, and video call/conferences to the subscribers.

RCS Cloud Hosting Solution: End-to-End manageable SaaS solution.

ZTE has initiated a brandnew, cloud-based, RCS deployment paradigm:

Highlights of RCS Public Cloud Hosting Solution:

  • Fast Deployment
  • Quick startup, expansion, and feature enhancements.
  • An ideal solution model for smallandmedium operators (including MVNO): low-cost construction, and rapid launch of RCS services.
  • A cost-effective solution for large operators to verify RCS business models and attract new users.
  • Broad Interoperability
  • ZTE’s public cloud platform uses RCS Hub to provide comprehensive interoperability across operators.
  • Flexible Business models

Flexible business models, including rental, payasyougo, and revenuesharing, reduce investment risks of operators.