ZTE and Guangdong Mobile Jointly Develop the Wireless Dynamic QoS Assurance Solution

In the Internet+ era, constantly improving user experience becomes a common goal for mobile Internet companies and operators. They need to work together to take advantage of the QoS assurance capability of the last mile of the intelligent mobile pipelines to improve end-to-end user experience, ensuring good user experience, enhancing user loyalty and increasing the competitiveness of applications.

Jointly Developing the Wireless Dynamic QoS Assurance Solution and Leading the Revolution of Differentiated Services of Intelligent Pipelines

ZTE and Guangdong Mobile took the lead to launch the dynamic QoS assurance solution for commercial-use intelligent pipelines. As of 2016, the solution had been interconnected with more than 60 PCRFs of three vendors to provide dynamic QoS assurance for mobile games. During the trial operation of the platform, the game RTT latency was reduced by more than 30%, the high latency percentage dropped by about 40%, and the packet loss rate was down to 0%, which shows a significant increase of user experience.

The wireless dynamic QoS assurance solution for Guangdong Mobile provides innovative product design, technology compatibility and product operation, which addresses technical issues for interconnecting with multiple PCRFs. It assures the QoS of mobile games without affecting the wireless network, which boosts the development of the QoS assurance service of intelligent pipelines for third-party OTT and brings innovation to the business model for cooperating with third-party OTT. The successful trial operation of the solution lays a solid foundation for ZTE to win the same kind of projects in the future.

Keeping Developing the QoS Assurance Solution for Other Services

Besides mobile games, ZTE is developing the QoS assurance solution for other services such as securities and WebCasting to explore more value of the intelligent pipelines and assure the QoS for Internet OTT applications at the last mile, improving user experience.

ZTE and Guangdong Mobile will continue to explore the ways of cooperation in the Internet+ era. On the one hand, the operator wants to enhance its intelligent pipeline capabilities to manage and control contents and applications to achieve best user experience. On the other hand, the operator wants to open the QoS capability to monetize the intelligent pipelines.