ZTE E2E Big Video Solution

The ZTE E2E big video solution is designed to provide the best experience for end-users across terminals, wireline and wireless networks and service platforms – to satisfy constant developments such as 4K, VR, and AR

1. Colourful services

ZTE big video service platform provides rich services:

    • User defined mosaic: There are nine channels on the page where the end-user can move the position in the grid or modify the channel
    • Virtual (customized) live channel: the end-user can pick any live TV program to broadcast and add it into the virtual live channel
    • Video conference call: RCS running over STBs and mobile phones

2. Premium big video wireline network solution

Future network architecture

Network target

  • Extreme channel

It can achieve fast video loading by adopting 10G PON, 200G BRAS, 400G-1T CR clusters

The ZTE home gateway can support 802.11ac to increase indoor Wi-Fi access bandwidth, and support interconnection between wireless routers to enhance Wi-Fi coverage.

  • Optimized architecture

It constructs an on-demand network with resource pooling, hard pipe resource reservation, fast resource allocation, fast service provisions, and lowers costs.

  • Smart O&M

Active sense, real-time monitoring, precise fault-positioning, intelligent trouble-shooting

3. Premium big video wireless network solution

Future network architecture

Key technologies

  • RAN
    Enhances coverage, reduces interference and increases capacity
  • Wireless bearer network
    Optimizes and upgrades the access and convergence rings, and supports the SDN architecture evolution
  • Core network
    Separates the C and U plane;TCP optimization
  • Video service optimization
    ZXMEC SVE edge service enabling platform
    Optimizes video gateway functions and edge-distributed deployment

4. Smart O&M solution based on V-QoE

ZTE has established the V-QoE video experience evaluation system, based on years of network O&M management experience. The V-QoE system monitors the video quality through probes deployed in the whole network, to achieve end to end video experience evaluation results.

ZTE big video smart O&M platform includes:

  • Big video smart O&M platform
  • Depth network analyze platform
  • Wireless smart O&M platform

The above three platforms are constructed on a big data platform, achieve data sharing, analyzing and mining, and then carry out end-to-end operations and maintenance using big data technology.

5. Market applications

ZTE has rich experience and leading capabilities in the big video area. By the end of 2016, ZTE has completed over 90 commercial deployments, with 80 million system capacity globally; over 100 integrated CDN, with more than 100T concurrency worldwide.