ZTE Cloud Operation & Service Solution

The fast development of M-ICT and IoT is producing large numbers of apps, which in turn is driving a requirement for faster time to market. Traditional telecoms processes and networks are now under more pressure to meet new business requirements and drive profit. Telecoms operators are therefore turning to cloud-based network infrastructure to reduce TCO. With the help of intelligent cloud networks, SDN and NFV promise to make the network infrastructure more flexible and robust while dramatically reducing TCO.

MICT-OSTM Leads SDN/NFV Network Operation Reengineering

Reengineering and merging create new requirements for networks on a daily basis. The evolution of organizations from a distributed to a centralized mode, not only affects monitoring and maintenance but also management. In order to improve the QoS, MSPs (managed service providers) can enhance E2E network management by continuously transforming the organization with long-term best practice processes (such as eTOM and ITIL). With daily use of these intelligent tools, we help customers increase efficiency and reduce OPEX in an intelligent way.

Today, ZTE MICT-OSTM plays an important role in the management and improvement of next generation cloud networks, with the help of automated operations and an open platform. With our rich experience in customer service, ZTE MICT-OSTM helps customers replace their network-oriented businesses with customizable user-centric and experience-oriented businesses based on SDN/NFV and big data technology. These platforms aim to unify service, resource and design systems in a micro-service architecture using our flexible allocation platform.

ZTE’s SDN/NFV network operation reengineering solution provides network slicing and best-performance experiences to our customers based on virtualized resource and cloud architecture, to achieve business targets in a fast and flexible way.


  • Agile: Establishes agile networks through dev/ops which helps businesses meet TTM requirements via tailored scripts.

  • Intelligent: Builds a real-time, flexible process to achieve zero-touch operations.

  • Openness: Builds a bottom-up ecosystem from infrastructure to business operations through our MICT-OSTM platform, enabling fast new business launches.