ZTE Cloud Intelligence Service Solution


The ZTE Cloud Intelligence Service introduces an artificial intelligence engine into a big data framework. BSS and OSS data segments are correlated and use cases developed. This results in greater operational efficiency and user satisfaction while protecting revenue.

  • The ZTE Cloud Intelligence Service provides data and business support for carriers, helps them maximize users’ full lifecycle value, and models an evaluation system rooted in the user experience. The system transforms organizations and enhances efficiency. The algorithm is based on machine learning and accurately predicts rates of user churn and the reasons behind it.
  • The ZTE Cloud Intelligence Service uses DPI to identify APPs located in pipelines. Service quality is monitored in real-time in three dimensions (top services, top areas, and top users) so that problems can be discovered immediately. With its artificial intelligence algorithm, ZTE offers end-to-end analysis, automatic differentiation and the localization of quality issues to improve the time it takes to identify and resolve problems.
  • The ZTE Cloud Intelligence Platform optimizes wireless networks by automatically measuring the network quality on roads. It does this by analyzing data from MR, CDT, AGPS, APP/URLs, and the location fingerprint algorithm with a precise reach of up to 20 metres. Various applications are developed on the basis of precise geographical locations, including virtual drive tests, benchmarking between carriers, and data monetization based on population flow.


  • Full-service and full-channel data access and management. Precise user experience evaluation.

  • End-to-end analysis and automatic demarcation and localization of quality issues.

  • Automatic road network quality measurement with a reach of up to 20 metres.