ZTE Big Video Premium Video Platform solution

ZTE’s Premium Video Platform features multicast-assisted adaptive bit rate (M-ABR), low latency delay and over-the-top (OTT) multicast delivery, greatly reducing operator backbone and transmission network pressure. ABR transmission adapts to network fluctuation, providing an appropriate bit rate video stream to users. Small slice and the corresponding optimisation technology allows OTT users to enjoy an IPTV live video experience with low latency delay.

The solution features just-in-time packaging (JITP), multi-digital rights management (DRM), and supports a variety of mainstream protocols, such as HLS, DASH and MSS, enabling video content to be viewed on the ever-expanding array of consumer devices. Rather than having to pre-package all profiles for every programme in all adaptive streaming protocols, JITP packages content in real-time into the appropriate protocol as and when the content is requested by viewers, enabling video service providers to limit their storage and bandwidth costs. Meanwhile, through multi-DRM encryption, using native player support DRM decryption, operators can greatly reduce investment in the player device and DRM licence costs. Through a cloud DVR, the platform features cloud storage, greatly reducing investment in storage and maintenance costs. This also allows it to meet users’ personalised recording requirements.

The platform benefits from Vinsight: based on a big data platform, gathering E2E data through analysis and mining, presenting visualised reports to support the video service operation and maintenance (O&M), allowing the video service O&M to become more faster, simpler, and more convenient.