True Thailand deploys fast and operates its city optical network

As from 2015, True started its broadband acceleration plan to combine fixed and mobile bearer networks. By rapidly deploying FTTH services and leveraging existing DSLAM networks, Vectoring is used to increase user bandwidth and enhance the user experience. Outside Bangkok, the original CMTS network for the development of broadband is used.     

 True is the number one full service provider in Thailand, the third largest mobile operator in Thailand and the largest broadband service provider in Bangkok with TrueMobile, TrueOnline and TrueVision. The company operates mobile, fixed-line and pay-per-view services respectively. Up until December 2016, True had a total of 2.6 million line broadband users. In the Bangkok region, True has built a large number of mature optical fiber network and focuses on the development of broadband users in other provinces. True has 3 million Pay-TV users.

Thailand is the favorite tourist destination in Southeast Asia. In recent years, the economy has seen steady growth and people’s living standards have increased year by year. The demand for network broadband are rising. Thailand’s fixed-line access broadband market is very competitive. There are rich copper resources and an state-owned incumbent operator TOT. There are new fixed-line operators like AIS. Since AIS began its strategic investment in the fixed-line broadband market in June 2014, competition among users for Thai carriers is extremely cruel. To meet the user bandwidth requirements, True also began a broadband speed plan. But with the brutal competition on the market, the financial situation in ARPU business is relatively tight. How can True attract more broadband users at a lower price?

 In 2015, after a series of tests, verifications and test pilots, True developed entire network transformation and construction programs with FTTx using GPON technology. It plans within 3 years to achieve FTTx + VDSL network construction. FTTH is for the key commercial users and high-end users. For the wide-coverage home users, because of the limitation of ODN network construction, FTTB + VDSL with next generation Vectoring access technology is adopted to meet demand. All this will stabilize True’s fixed-line broadband market and reduce existing CAPEX and OPEX so that True can upgrade its network at a lower cost and develop fixed-line broadband subscribers.

In June 2015, ZTE began to work with True to deploy GPON. ZTE’s rapid logistics system for True’s large-scale deployment of GPONcreated good conditions and determined a rapid construction of FTTx.

While the FTTx network is being deployed rapidly, service provision problems plague True. How can the original mobile network adapt to the new broadband deployment and be compatible with the original business? How can users be won over in the fierce competition of the market? True needs a set of customized OSS (Operation Support System) which is urgently needed to support FTTx network deployment and service promotion and to reduce the difficulty of network operation and maintenance. ZTE’s QRUN solution for full-service OSS system simplifies the process of FTTx users’ provision service and supports True’s nationwide demand with new subscribers.

After the deployment of ZTE QRUN program, True achieves zero error rate for maintenance work, which greatly enhances provision and maintenance efficiency. The cooperation with ZTE has enabled a rapid deployment of FTTx + VDSL by True, as well as a rapid service delivery, in time to respond to the needs of Thailand’s fixed-line broadband market. Most people in Thailand feel the charm of the FTTx network. With the highly competitive broadband market in Thailand, True has maintained an average monthly capacity of 7 million units online, ahead of others competitors, which ensures True the absolute leadership with fixed-line services.