TITAN,A Full-scenario Optical Access Platform for Network Re- architecture

TITAN is a full-scenario optical access platform for network re-architecture, it has the industry’s most advanced architecture, most powerful capability and full scenarios coverage. It meets the full access needs of Ultra-wideband (UWB), big video, re-architected networks and fixed mobile convergence (FMC), and provides the integration of transmission and access, as well as carrier-class quality of service and security.

Adoption of the leading next-generation hardware and software architecture results in a two to four times performance enhancement of the overall platform capacity.

Adapted NP+Crossbar switch matrix architecture with a fully distributed programmable service architecture to ensure service resources, service processes and reliability.

4 switch plane load sharing.

Control and forwarding plane separation, support for ISSU and ISCU, to provide high-reliability architecture, with zero interruption during equipment upgrade.

12-mode access and 34G co-exist to support 100G PON access and 1000Mbps to the subscriber,and to meet the next 10 years of network evolution requirements.

One unified platform can support GPON, EPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON, 10G-EPON, TWDM-PON, 25G PON, 100GPON, WDM PON, 1G P2P, 10G P2P, 25G P2P access.

It supports ComboPON and GPON upgrades to 10G PON, saving 60% site space, 50% of the line card type, spare parts and maintenance resulting in savings of up to 26%.

Oriented to re-architected networks, TITAN can be used for error detection code at local or remote nodes, with support for SDN evolution.

Supports SDN Agent and VXLAN function access for EDC as a re-architected network framework of remote or near-end nodes, to achieve smooth, gradual evolution to the full SDN architecture.

Supports independent end-to-end network slicing, according to the PON port, ONU UNI port slicing, multi-tenant multi-operator access network resources.

Redefine the OLT, built-in OTN uplink, transmission and access integration, improve network reliability.

TITAN supports the convergence of the transmission and access, helps flexible uplink, and decreases equipment in the network layer.

TITAN supports real-time video quality detection, and rapid fault location, multiple mechanisms to solve burst packet loss and meets low packet loss requirements of big video. It supports sub-second traffic monitoring, providing accurate insight into instantaneous fluctuations. It also supports distributed large cache, distributed response to sudden traffic, large video dedicated queue, queue depth dynamic adjustable; PUPS (per user per service), peak load shifting, burst packet loss.