Pre5G: – Building the Bridge to 5G

Background and Requirement

In recent years, emerging services such as HD/UHD Video, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, the Internet of Vehicles and Industry 4.0 have been rapidly and deeply penetrating into mobile networks. These new technologies have created a new era of Ultra-wide mobile broadband, massive Internet of Everything, and full convergence of networks for mobile operators.

In the new era, mobile operators will face challenges from the explosive growth of mobile services and the capability of current mobile networks. Which begs the question, what is the next step for mobile operators in the coming years?

ZTE was the first vender to propose the Pre5G concept. ZTE Pre5G includes both early commercialization of 5G key technologies and the key technologies of LTE-Advanced Pro defined by 3GPP, which improve the performance of 4G networks, protect the investment of existing 4G networks and satisfy the explosive requirements of mobile services.

Areas and Benefits

ZTE has defined four core areas and related technologies in Pre5G:

1. Giga+ MBB: Massive MIMO, Pre5G UDN, Massive CA, 256QAM, and LAA/LWA 2. Superior Experience: Low Latency, eVoLTE, eVideo
3. Massive IoT: NB-IoT, eMTC
4. Cloudization: Cloud Works and Cloud RAN

ZTE fully understands the challenges faced by operators, and how to seize the market opportunity and balance the return on investment especially while networks upgrade. Pre5G focuses on time to market, cost-efficiency and enhanced performance to accelerate operator’s development.

  1. Time to market: Pre5G applies 5G technologies and is compatible with 4G terminals delivering the 5G-like experience in advance, enabling operators to realize the leading position in high end markets.
  2. Cost-efficiency: Pre5G provides a smooth evolution based on the existing 4G networks, and focuses on hot spot areas, high data rate services, and high end users, so it can deliver greater revenues with lower costs.
  3. Enhanced performance: 3-6 times spectrum efficiency improvement, lower latency, massive connections, more flexible and open network.

Applications and Awards

As the first provider of the Pre5G technology, ZTE carries out in-depth cooperation with global mobile operators in terms of operator requirements, application scenarios and network innovation etc.

By the end of 2016, ZTE had deployed more than 40 Pre5G networks in 30 countries around the world and provided Pre5G networks in more than 90% of provinces in China.

ZTE Pre5G networks are shown below:

Due to the innovation and excellent performance, ZTE was awarded‘2016 MWC Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough’and‘Outstanding overall Mobile Technology— The CTO’s Choice 2016’from the GSMA at Mobile World Congress 2016.