POWER the Road to Digital Transformation

In an era where big data, Gibabit broadband access and the internet are all encompassing, it is a must for CSPs to transform into DSPs (Digital Service Providers). Service providers today must provide users with an everywhere and anytime connected digital life by unifying digital access and offering always-on and ultra-fast connections via a single ID (e.g. unique mobile number). Through operational transformation, CSPs will regain advantages with users and build a user loop that encourages greater loyalty.

Digital transformation, in line with operational transformation, is also imperative for CSPs. ZTE raises the concept POWER to help our customers realise their digital transformation approach.

‘POWER’ consists of five letters ‘P’, ‘O’, ‘W’, ‘E’ and ‘R’, with specific implications for each letter.

P for Platform approach. CSPs should have a platform-based operational approach and a platform-based hierarchical IT system architecture.

  1. A platform-based operational approach: CSPs need to collaborate with partners to build a supply loop and provide digital life for users in the demand loop. The capabilities of CSPs and partners need to be integrated seamlessly within the platform. The digital brands led by CSPs can support multiple models of B2C, B2B, B2B2C.

  2. A platform-based hierarchical IT system architecture: The architecture is evolved from Operational Support System to Operational Enabler Platform which has three characteristics: multi-tenancy, enablement and integration and openness of capabilities.

O for Omni-channel. It’s about helping CSPs provide omni-channel customer engagement (mobile and social media supported in particular), including promotion activities, services, customer care, consultant, etc.; supporting CSPs to create a unified service portal with seamless experience across different channels and no start-over required when switching between any two different channels eg. from in-store service to on-line mobile applications.

W for Value + Vertical Industry. Regardless of the number of innovative businesses CSPs offer to users, value counts the most. CSPs need to build a value chain with partners and offer valuable services to users. Businesses of CSPs should also be expanded to connection-based vertical industries, in an effort to develop new markets and attract new users.

E for Experience-oriented. A superior experience will deliver positive feedback to a CSP’s business development and investments. CSPs need to provide users with an experience that combines quality, usability, convenience and diversity.

R for Real-time. IT should have the capabilities of real-time big data analytics both internally and externally, and provide real-time customer insight. This analytics platform enables CSPs to understand better customer needs as well as to adjust their business operation on-demand approach.

ZTE believes that to make telco transformation happen service providers must adopt an open Platform approach with Omni-channel and Real-time Insight capability, supporting Vertical Industry expansion, providing Experience-oriented and Value services to offer a digital life to customers.