Leading 5G innovation to Build Intelligent Community of IoE

Anticipating the upcoming M-ICT era, ZTE first proposed the M-ICT strategy in 2014, and continued to promote and intensify the M-ICT strategy. 2016 saw ZTE’s concentration on 5G, around which plans are launched and resources are distributed in wireless, wired, and other fields. ZTE believes that, in the 5G era, ICT technologies will be used in various industries, and the Internet of Things (IoT) will witness accelerated development, bringing disruptive changes to the production and life style of mankind. ZTE will build an open business model to facilitate the digital transformation of enterprises and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, thereby creating a mobile Internet of Everything (IoE) together.

ZTE is committed to being a leader in 5G innovation. ZTE will accelerate large-scale commercial use of Pre5G to help operators enhance network value, and promote the 5G pre-commercial process to enable industry applications and unveil 5G.

ZTE is committed to being an enabler to digital transformation. ZTE enables cloud-based infrastructure and network reconstruction, enables operational reengineering through intelligent control and capability openness, and enables a return to the rapid growth of operators who provide the big video service with superb experience as a basic business.

ZTE is committed to being a promoter of the digital service ecosystem. Through resource openness and sharing, such as the trade alliance, industry alliance, and developer community, ZTE reshapes operators’ commercial value, and builds an intelligent community of IoE together with the operators for a win-win future.

M-ICT is changing the world, while ZTE is accelerating the change as an innovative pioneer of 5G. Tomorrow never waits, and neither does innovation.