Full Range of 5G Pre-Commercial Base Stations

In order to help operators deploy ahead of time to seize opportunities in the 5G era, ZTE has released a full range of 5G mmWave and Sub6GHz pre-commercial base stations.

ZTE’s full range of 5G mmWave and Sub6GHz pre-commercial products demonstrated at Mobile World Congress support 3GPP 5G NR new air interfaces and mainstream 5G frequency bands in the industry and use Massive MIMO, Beam Tracking, Beam Forming and other key 5G technologies, meeting the 5G pre-commercial deployment requirements in various scenarios.

In 2016, ZTE became the world’s first vendor to verify the key technologies in the 5G mmWave and Sub6GHz fields and successfully completed 5G mmWave field tests. With outstanding performance, ZTE took the lead in passing all the tests in the first phase of China’s 5G test, becoming the leader in the field of the 5G industrialization process. ZTE has completed 5G single-point technology and prototype verification and entered the solution verification and product R&D phase. The released full range of 5G mmWave and Sub6GHz base stations have paved the way for subsequent 5G pre-commercial tests and deployment.

As one of the key 5G technologies, Massive MIMO plays a vital role in improving frequency efficiency and air interface bandwidth. In June 2014, ZTE became the world’s first vendor to propose the innovative Pre5G concept and put the core 5G technology Massive MIMO into commercial use ahead of time in the 4G era, meeting customers’ increasing data requirements and supporting smooth evolution to the 5G era. So far, ZTE’s Pre5G Massive MIMO has been widely deployed in China Mobile, Softbank (Japan) and other global high-end markets.