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ZTE pioneers the 5G era with FDD Massive MIMO

The technology can help the industry fulfill its lofty 5G ambitions On December 30, 2016, ZTE officially released the world’s first FDD–based Massive MIMO solution and partnered with China Unicom to complete a field test. Just as expected, the test showed the average gain will be more than tripled for total cell throughput after the […]

ZTE Assists Mobile Operators in Traffic Product Innovation

Along with the continuous development of mobile communications network and abundance of Internet services, people’s requirements for data traffic have been increasing, so the main revenue source of operators is transferred from voice, SMS, to data. China Mobile implemented traffic management in 2013 and China Unicom and China Telecom followed it subsequently. China’s three major […]

True Thailand deploys fast and operates its city optical network

As from 2015, True started its broadband acceleration plan to combine fixed and mobile bearer networks. By rapidly deploying FTTH services and leveraging existing DSLAM networks, Vectoring is used to increase user bandwidth and enhance the user experience. Outside Bangkok, the original CMTS network for the development of broadband is used.       True is the number […]

Adaptive Functional Splits Enable Brand-New 5G RAN Architecture

5G is more and more close to people’s life. With the arrival of 5G, many new business opportunities will be created such as driverless car, massive sensors, high quality video, and virtual reality. How to introduce 5G into today’s 4G networks and to satisfy the diverse requirements have become a major concern of the new […]

X-Site: The Best Choice for Site MIMO Evolution

Challenges Nowadays most of mobile operators around the world operate both UMTS and LTE networks. UMTS services are still growing in many countries and will continue to be a main source of revenue streams for operators over the next few years. But in the meanwhile LTE services are growing rapidly, and mobile networks need to […]

Development and Evolution Trend Analysis of 25G/100G-PON

The “Broadband China” strategy defines the broadband network as “the strategic public infrastructure during the economic and social development of China in the new era” at the state level for the first time. As the key part of the broadband network, the broadband access network has some noticeable features such as large investment, long construction […]

Building Complete CEM Capabilities for Operation Transformation

Smart devices and internet applications are flourishing in the M-ICT era. The traditional network-centric operation model is facing many challenges. In this case, it is particularly important to redefine customer experience from comprehensive user perspectives (full-service and full-channel) in the entire lifecycle of using operator services and to improve user loyalty to and satisfaction with […]