Building Complete CEM Capabilities for Operation Transformation

Smart devices and internet applications are flourishing in the M-ICT era. The traditional network-centric operation model is facing many challenges. In this case, it is particularly important to redefine customer experience from comprehensive user perspectives (full-service and full-channel) in the entire lifecycle of using operator services and to improve user loyalty to and satisfaction with telecom services.

As a trusted partner for many operators, ZTE has put forward its advanced managed services (MS2.0) solution to help them transform operations, enhance user experience, create business opportunities, and maximize revenues.

Building a Complete CEM System

Nowadays, telecom services are rapidly evolving from guaranteeing network performance to guaranteeing service quality and finally to guaranteeing customer experience in the full service lifecycle. After years of operations, telecom operators have reached a high level of network O&M and QoS. They can hardly make significant improvements and have therefore changed their focus from network quality, service quality, and other equipment and service indicators to customer experience, customer satisfaction, and other customer experience indicators. Their operational perspectives have also changing from network-centric operation to customer-centric operation. In this process, a major issue for operators is to build customer experience management (CEM) capabilities to effectively evaluate and enhance customer experience. ZTE has rolled out its MS2.0 solution to assist operators in establishing a service operations center (SOC), create CEM-centric core competitiveness, and drive operation transformation.

ZTE’s MS2.0 solution focuses on complete customer experience management (Fig. 1).

It builds a complete user-centric operation system and management view to ensure smooth front-to-back -end operations.

It provides full-channel experience management for operators’ front-end organizations including markets, channels, and customer centers.

It provides full-service experience management for operators’ three major businesses: wireless, broadband, and video.

It implements full-lifecycle experience management throughout the whole process of using operator services

by customers.

Implementing End-to-End CEM

ZTE’s MS2.0 is a customer experience management solution that listens to real end-user experience, delivers it to each customer operation center in a timely manner, and handles the poor customer experience issues in a closed loop through the end-to-end CEM procedure. In this way, user experience and loyalty can be effectively enhanced.

Customer Experience Evaluation

Customer experience is an important indicator to measure user loyalty. It is inseparable from corporate revenues and can effectively reflect a company’s sustainable profitability. The creation of the customer experience theory has aroused widespread concern across all industries.

By building an operation model driven by customer experience, ZTE can help operators establish an interactive bridge between front-end and back-end departments to effectively improve customer experience and user retention rate and to ultimately increase their revenue.

Complete CEM Solution

ZTE’s complete CEM solution has the following attractions:

Listen to real customer experience to establish a complete CEM system. How to evaluate and improve customer experience has been a challenge to telecom companies and also a major problem that has troubled business operation. Nowadays, there are many customer experience systems in the industry, and most of them evaluate customer experience by focusing on service quality. Some manufacturers add certain content about customer satisfaction, but there is still a lack of a full-service full-channel customer experience evaluation system. ZTE starts with users’ telecom service usage and full-lifecycle touch points to evaluate customer experience throughout the full lifecycle covering customer learning, acquirement, usage, evaluation, and renewal of telecom services. Two dimensions are creatively introduced: telecom services and customer groups. ZTE has brought forth the magic cube concept of telecom customer experience evaluation and has established a three-dimensional (full-service, full-channel, full-lifecycle) customer experience evaluation system. The system segments experience data according to different customer groups and services throughout the whole lifecycle of using telecom services by customers. It defines and evaluates customer experience from different segments and dimensions. The complete CEM evaluation system enables full-service, full-channel customer experience management for telecom customers, maximally restoring real customer experience.

Create a complete multivendor-supported CEM big data platform to enhance customer experience. By solidifying the CEM evaluation system centered on customer experience cube, ZTE has developed a full-service, full-channel, and full-lifecycle customer CEM big data platform that can help operators implement real-time monitoring and automatic analysis of customer experience. The platform deploys data probes and develops data interfaces with multiple vendors to extract the data that affects customer experience from network and service systems supplied by multiple vendors (Fig. 2). It performs real-time monitoring and evaluation of customer experience from the aspects of full services and full channels throughout the whole telecom service lifecycle. Moreover, based on the evaluation indicator system established by ZTE, the platform can locate and handle the problems that affect customer experience so as to completely enhance CEM capabilities for operators.

Assist operators in building a SOC-centric CEM closed-loop workflow to drive operation transformation. With the complete customer experience evaluation system and multivendor-supported CEM big data platform, operators establish a dedicated SOC so that they can develop core capabilities for customer experience evaluation, analysis, and enhancement. They can also adjust their organizational structure and workflows to set up a CEM-centric closed-loop workflow for customer experience evaluation and enhancement (Fig. 3). The closed-loop workflow helps operators fulfill continuous customer experience optimization. Based on customer experience, operators can drive the transformation from network and service centric operations to customer experience centric operations. Through the optimized operations, telecom companies can significantly increase their operating profits.


ZTE’s MS2.0 managed service solution contains a customer experience evaluation system, a customer experience analysis big data platform, and a service operations center. A CEM centric closed-loop workflow can be established for customer experience evaluation, analysis, and enhancement. All this helps operators fulfill the goal of operation transformation. ZTE will continue to work with operators worldwide in strategic cooperation and joint innovation to build a valued operations system that will help them achieve optimized operations.